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MonaVie available once again at Acai Berry. We at Acai Berry have a passion for better health. We are bringing you MonaVie products that you love and new products you should be excited to try. Together we are bringing you products to help you look and feel your BEST at any age. Starting with MonaVie Juice - 5 different types of juice which are a blend of super-fruits. Each one packed with antioxidants and additives to keep you feeling your best. Need a pick me up? No problem, MonaVie EMV is the perfect energy drink for you! These amazing tasting energy drinks will give you a kick without any side effects. Don't let the all natural fool you, you'll be soaring in no time! MonaVie's latest product, Core is here to get you back to your best body. Whether you need to lose weight, maintain, build muscle, these great products can help you do just that. You have this one body, why not take care of it? Join the movement.
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MonaVie has been offering you unsurpassed products to help you achieve your optimal health. In the past few months MonaVie has now transitioned into Jeunesse GlobalĀ® who offers the same dedication in superb products and helping the create “Generation Young.” We will still be able to bring you the MonaVie products you loved including: MonaVie Essential, MonaVie Active, MonaVie Pluse, MonaVie (M)mun, MonaVie MX, EMV Acai, EMV Acerola, Emv Jabu, Emv Citrus Zero, Core Transformation Pack, Core Turbo Start Pack, Core Ignite 4-Week Pack, Core Detox Pack, Core Protein Shakes, Core Boost Cleanse, Core Boost Burn, Core Boost Build.